8 December 2008

The missing overshoes

I think I must have let the sun or something get to me??  I did Marcia's spin class this morning, which is the hardest at the gym & when I got home I donned my cycling gear & went & cycled 16 miles.  It was absolutely freezing, but I put on my thermal cycling long tights & best of all my overshoes.  They made a hugh difference & I can feel my toes!!

The overshoes (or Nora Batties as I call them) & you'd be surprised how difficult is to take a photo of your own foot!

Carol & I have also been out running tonight, doing a 2.4 mile circuit .  We haven't been out for a while & we were a minute off our best pace.  I'll blame the cold weather & my new running tights.  I am now getting a little worried as I have now worn tights twice today!!

I wish I spoke Danish, I have no idea what this means, do you??

Carol & I recently went on a camping weekend, do you think I'll win the husband of the year award?!?!

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