3 December 2008

It's Thursday it's Ashford

Dear Readers

Tomorrow (Thursday) Sandra & I are off to sunny Ashford (55 miles) to continue the training for the main event.  I would imagine that the chances for long rides will soon be diminishing as the weather will be against us.  To be honest it's not the cold or the rain, it's the light.  We cycle out to these places in Kent & get the train back.  As my local station isn't on the lines these trains use it can mean a 6 mile cycle back.  The problem we have is the light.  We want to cycle as 'light' as we can & having to carry the additional weight of lights seems wrong.  (I know what you are thinking still being 19 stone & worrying about a few extra 100 grams will probably not affect my hill climbing or overall speed!!)

I had another really stupid idea, I am contemplating (as a warm up to the big event) cycling LEJOG on a continuous relay, say an hour on & then depending on how many other daft people I can get to join me have their hours asleep in the minibus.  I would think if we average 15 miles an hour, it will take two & a half days!!  Funny enough not many takers for this yet.........watch this space!

Still spinning & trying to eat healthily.... 10 stone by Xmas!!

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