28 December 2008

Happy Christmas to me?

Well thank god Christmas is now behind us for another year (I'm not a lover of this time of year, which is surprising as I love getting presents!).  I must now start to really concentrate on my training.  As I have said before I am determined to be around 14/15 stone when I do this in August & must start early with the eating regime & fitness.  I plan to cycle to work as often as possible & will start on Monday even though it will be -2 degrees when I leave home.  The first mile is uphill & tends to warm me up quickly!

We had a shock on Christmas Day when my mother was admitted to hospital with difficulty in breathing & high blood pressure (my blood pressure doesn't seem that funny now) so again more reason to train hard.  (She is still in hospital, waiting to see a consultant & she is a lot better, hoepfully home soon)

I have managed to persuade some like minded individuals to join me in May for a real test of endurance, the continuous relay over LEJOG route.  I think we might even have enough people to have 2 out at anyone time.  This will mean we can draft each other, which remarkably as it sounds isn't rude at all!!

I am seriously thinking of getting myself a belated Christmas present or even an early birthday present for this ride in May?

A dedicated time trial bike

I shall plant the seed in Carol's mind today & if she asks you what I want for my birthday in 3 weeks, the answer is of course a time trial bike!!

I just also wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year & share a thought for those friends, relations & colleagues who have received a higher calling in 2008. A special thought to the widows & orphans of officers who have died & if you are able, please remember you can always donate to the widows & orphans funds by sponsoring this ride.  Details are in the top right hand corner of the blog. 

Have a great night on Wednesday & remember, alcohol: it's not just for breakfast!!

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