11 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

Sorry to say that the weather got the better of me today, coupled with no cycling partner I have decided to hang the bike up in the garage for the year.

I start work on Saturday nearly all the way through to New Years Eve, so I will not even get to the gym.  This will be last post of 2008 & can I on behalf of Carol & I wish you all a Merry Chrstmas & a Happy New Year.

There is however one piece of news, because of the world wide recession Santa has had to lay off the reindeer & has bought himself a bike to deliver the presents with.  So if you see a fat person on a bike it's a chance it's him or me!! 

1 comment:

Sarahbarrett said...

Merry Christmas to Carol and You to!!
Well done on 2008's physical and fundraising efforts, very impressive and motivating! I look forward to commiting myself to the saddle in may 2009.
P.S I dont believe you are going to leave your saddle cold and relieved for a whole 3 weeks?! Enjoy, and Ho Ho Hope to see you soon!