4 December 2008

Cold, cold, cold!

Dear all

Sandra & I started with good intentions today leaving mine at 9am to cycle to Ashford.  The weather has been more wintery than in recent months & it's fair to say that it was a little on the chili side!

It was raining when we left, which to be honest I am used too!!  The worse thing is when lorries go passed covering you in cold dirty water!

Top of Wrotham Hill

This was clean on before the start!!

At Maidstone East train station, notice the smile on Sandra faces as she warmed up!!

Sandra in her favorite place, under the heater at Bromley South Station!!

We had to stop at Maidstone today as both Sandra & I had no feeling in our toes, I've been cold before, but nothing like today.  It doesn't help that we are coming down Wrotham Hill at about 45/50 mph with soaking wet shoes.  My new waterproof socks were great though & I can recommend seal skinz socks to everyone!!  I did buy some neoprene overshoes that keep your feet warm........should have worn them!!

We only managed 34 miles today & I can say without fear of any contradiction the bike is now sleeping until the warm weather.

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