7 December 2008

Another day, another hill & trying my overshoes!

Last Thursday Sandra & I got very cold, due to a combination of things, but mainly the rain & getting wet shoes.  Did I mention that I bought some neoprene over shoes, I should have worn them!

I'm off again nearly all week & on Thursday if I can get anyone to join me (I think it's safer riding in at least pairs) I plan to cycle to Sevenoaks & back home, which is just about 38 miles.

Please clink on the route below & at the bottom you can see the topography!  I want to try & incorporate some hills into my rides.  I'm getting better at hill climbing, but still have a long way to go to reclaim my polka-dot jersey!!

Hopefully Thursday 38 miles

Having recently discovered the route planner with the topography I have added a few more of the rides I have done for your information & even interest? If you click on the map it makes it much bigger & you can work out our route.  If you like cycling & fancy coming out for a ride, email me on pc.clare@gmail.com We don't go at a fantastic fast pace (about 15 mph) we just enjoy it!

Completed with Nathan,  Sarah & I (15.5 miles)

Completed by Nikki, Gav, Nathan & 1 - almost too many times to mention (45 miles)

Completed by Sandra & I (60 miles)

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