17 November 2008

GSSA and RUC charities

I was invited this weekend to Dublin for the AGM of the Garda Survivors Support Association (GSSA) & diner & was able to present to their treasurer Margaret Dixon the generous donation that you gave in sponsoring Alan & I on this years quest (It's a shame the £ to € is so poor at the moment)

Presenting the cheque to GSSA

Also there were representertives of the RUC George Cross Association.

I am delighted to announce that next year I shall also be supporting the GSSA again along with a RUC charity. 

A retired RUC officer summed up why I want to support the police charities.  He had seen many of his colleagues murdered over his 42 years service.  "Politicians & public are all appalled when this atrocities happened, but they soon forget.  It's only really police that care about police" This is so true, my good friend Tony Haines died 7 years ago, but no-one really remembers him or cares about his widow Jill except the police family

I am now off for a week & the training is again being kick started.  I have taken to using the gym at work & am in the top 3 on my team of 40 for bench pressing.  Only trouble with that is my arms are now killing me & I am finding it hard to type!

Cycling down to Ashford on Thursday with Sarah & Nathan, watch out for the pictures!

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