13 November 2008

First sponsor!

I received I hope the first of many emails today offering sponsorship for our ride. This was a company called sudocrem, which is better known as a nappy rash cream.  

I can assure you after last year, being in your early 40's & having a nappy rash isn't pleasant & sudocrem is a must & helps makes 10 hours a day in the saddle almost bearable.

I can also show you another picture of a member of team plod, who is Sarah.  As you can see from the picture she is hard in training with weights, whilst keeping herself hydrated!!  I have asked all of the team to send me pictures of themselves, watch this space!!

I am also have a picture of Nathan, again another member of team plod......how will London cope when we are all away?

There are no hiding places on the ride!

This is another member of the team Richard, doing his best impression of a sperm whale.........when is the wedding again??

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