27 November 2008

Old Photo

Chatting with the Soup Dragon tonight about the ride & me doing it next year (unfortunatley she can't take the time off work....anyone drive a minibus?) & the lack of photo's.  She pipes up with I've got some on my iphone

Testing the brakes in Carlisle

Why does Nikki look so happy.......we'd just cycled about 96 miles & we were in a dry hotel!!

The bottom of Glencoe, 80 miles completed for the day & only 15 to go!!

The start for the final day at Tain (Can you see the rainbow??)

Sandra & I are cycling to Ashford on Thursday next week (55 miles) just to keep the legs moving & get used to cycling a long distance.  Apart from that we enjoy it!!

Still doing my spin classes & surprisingly still 19 stone......bugger!

20 November 2008

The 3 musketeers

I was joined today by Nathan & Sarah (who hadn't ridden a bike for 10 years) & we went out to the Kent countryside.  The weather is remarkable for late November & to be honest we were too hot in our waterproof jackets!  I'm not complaining as it was dry!!

Just about to leave!

Like all the best policeman (woman - sorry Sarah!) never turn down a cup of tea!

Sarah's not smiling it's a grimace!, it's the first time on a bike in years & she was a little tender!

Our route..........Ashford again next week!

19 November 2008

Me the triathlete?

I dropped Carol off at the station this morning & because of road works, I went to the gym early & ended up doing 2 hours on the spin bike.  I burnt 1754 calories & travelled 47.9 km.  Still feeling incredibly good I then swam 200m (swimming is not a strong sport of mine) before sitting in the jacuzzi, which to be honest is the best piece of equipment in the gym!!

To complete my triathlon Carol & I are going running tonight

17 November 2008

GSSA and RUC charities

I was invited this weekend to Dublin for the AGM of the Garda Survivors Support Association (GSSA) & diner & was able to present to their treasurer Margaret Dixon the generous donation that you gave in sponsoring Alan & I on this years quest (It's a shame the £ to € is so poor at the moment)

Presenting the cheque to GSSA

Also there were representertives of the RUC George Cross Association.

I am delighted to announce that next year I shall also be supporting the GSSA again along with a RUC charity. 

A retired RUC officer summed up why I want to support the police charities.  He had seen many of his colleagues murdered over his 42 years service.  "Politicians & public are all appalled when this atrocities happened, but they soon forget.  It's only really police that care about police" This is so true, my good friend Tony Haines died 7 years ago, but no-one really remembers him or cares about his widow Jill except the police family

I am now off for a week & the training is again being kick started.  I have taken to using the gym at work & am in the top 3 on my team of 40 for bench pressing.  Only trouble with that is my arms are now killing me & I am finding it hard to type!

Cycling down to Ashford on Thursday with Sarah & Nathan, watch out for the pictures!

13 November 2008

First sponsor!

I received I hope the first of many emails today offering sponsorship for our ride. This was a company called sudocrem, which is better known as a nappy rash cream.  

I can assure you after last year, being in your early 40's & having a nappy rash isn't pleasant & sudocrem is a must & helps makes 10 hours a day in the saddle almost bearable.

I can also show you another picture of a member of team plod, who is Sarah.  As you can see from the picture she is hard in training with weights, whilst keeping herself hydrated!!  I have asked all of the team to send me pictures of themselves, watch this space!!

I am also have a picture of Nathan, again another member of team plod......how will London cope when we are all away?

There are no hiding places on the ride!

This is another member of the team Richard, doing his best impression of a sperm whale.........when is the wedding again??

10 November 2008

Spin classes

I have been asked a couple of times what I mean when I say spin classes.  It's a group excercise class at the gym on a static bike.  As the weather is now closing in & the days are getting shorter I shall soon be hanging my bikes up in the garage & looking to do these to keep my fitness up. On an average 1 hour class I burn somewhere in the region of 1000 calories & my heart works at about 90-95% of it's maximum.  I usually leave a puddle of sweat round me when I've finished!!

4 November 2008

Another member of team plod

Dear reader

There are currently about 15 people interested in Team Plod for next year.  I will gradually get round to getting pictures of all of them, but in the mean time this is Claire with her nice new bike!

2 November 2008

The credit crunch?

I've sent off a few letters to try & get corporate sponsorship for the ride.  I have written to specific companies asking for certain goods, Sudocrem, Vaseline, shower gels, tyres, spare wheels, inner-tubes, energy gels, isotonic drinks & to Garmin for a bike satnav system

Should be able to gauge how the credit crunch is by the replies!!

I've added a box on the right to add details of sponsors in........watch this space!