21 October 2008

Training update

I thought I would try & vary my training regime for next year & I apart from the riding & spin classes I am incorporating running into my schedule.  It's fair to say that I am not a natural runner having snapped my anterior cruciate ligament at work, I went from 12 stone to over 20 in a very short period of time.  I have actually played all 15 positions in competitive rugby matches.  

Carol (Long suffering wife AKA 'The Soup Dragon') & I donned our new running shoes & went out for a run.  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to buy the nike running attachment for my ipod.

We ran 3.68 Km in 31.02 minutes which to be frank is awful.  Our average speed was 8'26" per KM.  I would like to blame Carol for stopping & walking all the time, but I can't as I was just as bad!!  We now have something to do together in the evening instead of sitting in-front of the goggle-box.  I am aiming to do the run in 20 mins (I think that may take a few months?)

Still spinning & planning to cycle to Ashford on Thursday with Nathan.  

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