13 October 2008

The official start for 2009

Today was the official start for the 2009 LEJOG,  I was joined by the newest confirmed member of team plod (Carol, The Soup Dragon has come up with the name & thinks it hysterical & basically if I want my shirts ironed & sausages in onion gravy I have to use it). The newest team member is Sandra who I have been on many rides before with. We cycled to Folkestone today for a bit of fun.  I would however qualify that the last hill from Sandgate to Folkestone is not my idea of fun & for the first time since Devon my heart rate went above 100% of it's maximum.  It looked so flat on the map?

The weather was remarkable, fine, dry, no winds & warm are we really in October??

Sandra & her new bike

After nearly 70 miles a well deserved pint

On a cold platform waiting for the worlds slowest train (2 hours to Orpington).  Sandra has stolen all my peanuts by this time & was looking very pleased with herself!!

Facts of the ride

Total distance covered 67.7 miles
Calories burnt 3865
Average Speed 13.7 mph
Top Speed 35.8 mph
Average Heart beat 80% maximum or 143 bpm
Maximum 101% of maximum or 181 bpm

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