24 October 2008

It just keeps falling

Training this week has been a bit disappointing, I have managed 4 spin classes, but alas no rides. I was supposed to cycle to Ashford on Thursday but my cycling partner couldn't make it, so I cut the grass instead!!

Carol & I have done our circuit tonight & we have shaved almost another minute off the time, 3.71KM in 28'09" at an average speed of 7'35" per KM.

I also want to dispel any rumours Carol looks nothing like Max Wall in her running trousers!


Tony Latham said...

Keep running,keep cycling
I admire your objectives
Don't forget to buy waterproofs for that Scottish rain and infrared goggles for that infamous mist
Best wishes from all in No 2399
tony latham

Phil said...

Tony, it poured down last year when I did it 8 out 10 days

Claire Kemp said...

4 spin classes...you r hardcore...2 hours of dancing just completed and a very small ride on my new bike this morning ( i will send u the pic ASAP )....need to do some longer rides though whilst still have a little good weather.