30 October 2008

2009 Route

Dear reader

I have been working too many long hours, but managed last night with the aid of google maps to plan the route.  Apart from Devon & Cornwall it's virtually the same route but I have added 2 extra days.

The 12 days are

Lands End to St Austell         51 miles
St Austell to Exeter           72 miles
Exeter to Bristol             66 miles
Bristol to Worcester        73 miles
Worcester to Crewe         72 miles
Crewe to Lancaster          75 miles
Lancaster to Carlisle        66 miles
Carlisle to Kilmarnock       91 miles
Kilmarnock to Balloch       38 miles
Balloch to Fort William      83 miles
Fort William to Inverness  67 miles
Inverness to John O'Groats 120 miles

It's a daunting thought again, but I really enjoy it last year.  The last day we will not be doing 120 miles, the day before we shall ride past Inverness over the Black Island to Tain.  That will leave us with about 90 miles to do into John O'Groats.  Oh how I am looking forward to Helmsdale already (It's worse that the north face of the Eiger!)

The cold winter months are now fast approaching,so there will not be many long rides & I will spending longer in the gym or even out running with the 'Soup Dragon'

I have deliberately kept day 9 short, to allow a bit of a lie in & then only about 3 hours cycling. We have the high lands of Scotland to go over & to be honest you need a bit of an easy day.

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