23 September 2008

The route

Alan has been fiddling with his computer & has super imposed our route on to a map of the UK

It still looks a long way to go, but even after being home for 6 weeks I still enjoyed it & have made some firm friends.  We learnt some important lessons, SATNAV's aren't necessarily always right, use a road bike (Nikki will tell you the difference) & the British summer is a wet affair from which ever end of the Island you look at it from!!

22 September 2008

Cycling continues

Dear all

I am determined to keep my fitness up & keep the old legs rolling.  On Sunday Carol & I took part in the London freewheel

I'm coming up on the outside!

Carol is at the back with the yellow coat & orange top on

Today I cycled to Ashford for fun??  You will be pleased to know that the weather was sunny & fine!  This felt a bit strange for me on a bike.  You will then not be surprised to know when I got the train back to St Mary Cray, the heavens opened for my 6 mile ride back & I got soaked........somethings don't change!!

7 September 2008

A sad weekend

Dear all

Nikki & I were joined by Gavin to cycle to the coast.  Gavin lasted 8 miles, not because of the pace we set, but for once it was not my wheel that packed up but his!! 

Nikki & I carried onto Ashford, but after a combination of the rain & head wind we decided to throw the towel in & went to the pub (we did cycle 55 miles)

The sadness is that over the weekend I lost another 2 friends to cancer & who's names I have added to departed merit.  This has strengthen my resolve & I feel I have to cycle again to raise more funds in the fight against cancer

2 September 2008

No shit sherlock

Well what can I say, I can confirm it was the wettest August since records began:

We know, we were on our bikes!!

You will be pleased to know that the cycling continues & on Saturday Nikki & I will be joined by Gavin as we cycle to Dover for fun!  It's only about 80 miles & the weather forecast is - yes you guessed rain!

Sales of Sorren bread have now fallen to an all time low & the company is in danger of going bust.  I can never eat the stuff again!