8 August 2008

Scotland at last!!

Hi all

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I too tired & internet connections are a bit hit & miss.

We are now in Carlisle tonight having been to Dumfries to finish for the day. The weather has been quite good for the past 2 days, which was a relief as we got soaked on our first 4 days. However the rain is destined to return tomorrow & stay with us for the rest of the ride.  This makes it even worse.

On a positive note my clothes are getting lose on me, which means I must be losing some weight, the down side is my bottom.  It feels like I have sat on something unpleasant & I know we are all in the same boat as we have discussed this at length!

I shall be adding the pictures when I get home & also a download from Alans' SATNAV showing our exact route.

We are all OK, had to take my bike into a local shop today as I snapped my front gear changer & only had the 10 rear gears for about 25 miles.

One funny note is I forgot to put sun-cream on my head & yesterday when it was sunny I sunburnt my head through my cycle helmet & my head is now striped.

Off to the bar for a kaliber, shandy top with lime!!

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