2 August 2008


Dear all

I'm not sure if it's nerves or that I just can't sleep, but today is the day we leave to drive to Cornwall.  I got up at 4am not that I needed too, my mind was racing & I didn't want to wake Carol up.

I am meeting a friend from work tonight who is staying in Falmouth with his parents (small world) & my old mate Neal who now lives in Somerset is coming down to the start on Sunday to cheer us on.

I just want to get going now & stop all the worrying about what can go wrong. I know we all feel the same as we have been chatting about it & I'm sure when we have a few miles into our legs we will all feel a lot more relaxed about the enormity of it all.

The weather doesn't look that kind for the first few days with rain forecast. However the temperature is still relatively warm, so I am in a real quandary what to wear.  I have a waterproof cycling jacket, but I will get really warm wearing it. I am contemplating just getting wet??  Hopefully the rain will keep down the pollen particles as in the past few months I have developed hay fever & I have been known to turn into a snot goblin, which isn't necessarily a pretty sight!

Off to go & pick Alan up now, whilst Carol & Nikki are both asleep

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