14 August 2008

It's over - thank god!

I am now finally home & the washing machine is now gently humming away in the back ground, I'm not sure if I will ever feel clean again??

All in all it was an enjoyable 10 days, hard work but enjoyable.  You really went through a range of emotions, from adulation to despair.  Although we were together on the road, you never really chatted to each other so for 10 days you could explore the inner most reaches of your minds as you stared about 2 foot in-front of you wheel.  It's amazing what crap you think about?!?!?

I certainly remembered 2 dear friends who I have lost; Pc Tony Haines who died back in 2001 in a POLACC & my old mate Pc Chris Jefford who died of a brain tumor 3 years ago.  Both sadly missed, but one of the reasons that I wanted to support COPS.  Also my dear friend Ann McCabe who's husband Jerry was murdered by the IRA in 1996 in County Limerick. She is a real inspirational woman & excellent company to be with.  As you may or may not know I have dual nationality being both English & Irish which is why I also wanted to support the Garda & RUC widows & Orphans.  We have a saying in the police with reference to where you work, you deal with the same shit, it's only different street names.  You can say the same for London, Belfast or Dublin!

Alan will be downloading his SATNAV & I shall post our exact route when he has done this in the next few days.

The start at Lands End

Outside the LeJOG Club!

Front brake pads day 1!!

A pit stop somewhere near Gloucester

I should have used some suntan lotion? (Can you spot where my helmet was?)

Can you guess where we are entering!!

Glencoe from a dry bottom!

We went over some high roads!

I understand that Lance Armstrong was grateful I never became a professional rider!

Our hotel room

Thank god the finish (Nikki & Alan both finished about an hour before me & that's why they look a lot fresher)

The journey home.  Total milage for the car was 2723 miles, with the bikes on the roof we weren't even getting 30 miles to the gallon.

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