9 August 2008

Glasgow and Rangers are playing at home

Dear all

Rangers were playing at home today in their first day of the SPL.  We made Glasgow today & are now heading into the Highlands tomorrow for our (hopefully) last really hard day.  I thought the crowds were there for us??!?!?

Another plus point Christine Fulton (President of Care of Police Survivors) came & met us at the hotel to wish us luck.  She has just been awarded an MBE for all her work in setting COPS up... well done Christine!

The weather was awful again today & it poured down nearly all day, my shoes may never be dry again, hopefully tomorrow will be dryer.

I'm sorry about the lack of pictures, but as you can expect electrical goods & water do not mix, I have taken a few with my iphone & will publish these when I get home

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow & I know that I will suffer.  However when I think if people like Jill Haines, Maddie Jefford or Anne McCabe who all lost their police husbands, it makes it all worth while.

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