4 August 2008

Day 2, 200 miles

Dear all

This will have to be a short entry with no pictures as I'm so tired & the connection is crap!

We are now in Bristol & well on the way, if anyone says to you that Cornwall & Devon are nice parts of the world, with my permission shot them on the spot.  We have been over some horrendous climbs that just go on for ever.  We did one that was 15 miles long & kept getting steeper & steeper.  I've now thrown my polka-dot jersey away as I don't think I'll need that anymore!!  Cornwall & Devon was just climb, descend & climb again.  I managed to burn out a set of brake pads with all the descending

On the first day I burnt over 10,000 calories & we climbed for about 6500 feet.

My advice to anyone contemplating this is DON'T DO IT!!!

Off to bed more to follow in the week

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