7 July 2008

My wife should be a politician

I have been shopping today & continue to get stuff for the ride.  I bought a load of cycle tops & some electrolyte replacement drink.

I was showing my wife (who wasn't really that interested) my new purchases as we are sitting watching the 3rd stage of Le Tour de France & I was relating the advise given to me in the shop to prevent cramps & running out of energy.  She then pipes up with "what you have to remember when you do the ride it's not a race & besides unlike professional cyclist you have a bit of reserve"

I think she called me a fat b&^*tard without me realising.  She's not very kind sometimes & also spends too much of my money!!

Am doing another London to Cambridge on the 24th with Nikki & some of the people she works with, unfortunately I didn't do the North Kent Bikeathon last Sunday as I had to work.  I know where I would prefer to be!

Off down the gym for another spin class

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