13 July 2008

The London Bikeathon 2008

It's Sunday it must be a charity cycle event!. Today Nikki, Sandra & I did the London Bikeathon which Nikki & I are using as part of our training.  Alan on the other hand is nights & was in bed.

The weather was wonderful & not too hot, we started just before 10 am & cycled out to Richmond Park, saw the deers & cycled back.  My front wheel was again making some strange & interesting noises & I checked & had lost 3 spokes (They were still there, but the nipples that they screw into on the rims had gone & they are just flapping about.  Back to the cycle shop on Monday!)

Not to worry we pressed on for the second half of the ride to the Thames Barrier, again it was a nice route at a sedate pace off the main roads.

When we got to the Thames Barrier I had lost another 2 spokes but the wheel still seemed OK, musical but OK!

Dear reader, you will remember that I can not be described as a hill climber, but I have been practicing.  I had been telling Nikki & Sandra this & as we left the Thames barrier we cycled up a fly-over & BANG it all went wrong!! 

Fortunately I was only doing about 10 miles an hour & stopped very quickly, it could have been worse, I could have been doing 30 mph, which would have proved interesting?

The inner-tube I carry in my pouch had come loose & got caught round the rear wheels & gears & sheered off the rear de-railer.  Needless to say it was game over for me!!  I rang Carol & she came & got me (eventually) in the car.  She did manage to drive passed me twice at the same roundabout.  It didn't go down to well when I rang her & asked if she was going to drive passed again!  I managed to cycle 54 miles, used 3400 calories & averaged 11.3 mph.  

It was a shame this happened as I was hoping to cycle somewhere in the region of 80 miles today.  The bike will go into the repairers tomorrow & hopefully I'll have it back by the end of the week

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