23 July 2008

L' Alpe d' Huez

Today during Le Tour de France the peloton went up L' Alpe d' Huez, which is a legendary climb in the Alps.  The record is held by the late great Marco Pantani who did it in 39 mins over the 13km

Whilst they were suffering in the Alps, Nikki & I had our own legendary mountain stage, cycling from mine to Brands Hatch.  Those of you that know the area will sympathise with the legendary climb from Eynsford to 'the Hatch'.  It took about 20 mins to climb the 2 miles, but we did it!!

Nikki just coming to the brow of the Col de Hatch!

I did it on my old bike as the part has only just come in for my Giant.  It will be ready by Friday though.  I am cycling to Canterbury tomorrow with Nikki's work colleagues as part of a fund raising event,  only downfall I am up at 3.30am to drive to the start!!

Off to bed now to get a few hours sleep.  If you hear crying don't be surprised!!!

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