27 July 2008

It's Sunday it must be Cambridge

On the final weekend leading up to the big one, I was joined by my old colleague Gavin & Sandra as we cycled from London to Cambridge.  A distance of 58 miles.  We left Pickford Lock at 7.30am on our ride

Sandra & Gavin at the start & he is eating!

Some of the wonderful English countryside we cycled through

Another quick break & Gavin is drinking this time!

Gavin eating again!

Gavin about to start eating!

Sandra & Gavin about 3 miles from Cambridge

My fruit based drink at the end!!

We were a lot quicker than Thursday when we went to Canterbury, the roads were a lot flatter, with only moderate rolling hills, there was only 1 climb of note during the whole day & we weren't cycling into a head wind.

Facts & Figures of the ride

Average heart beat 74% of maximum & maximum was 95%.  I burnt 2968 calories & we cycled 57.9 miles at an average of 13.1 mph.  My maximum speed was 33 mph

I lost another 3 spokes which a nice mechanic repaired.  He said that the wheels I have are basically shite & made for road racers & not sportif riders.  Off to the cycle shop Monday to order 2 new wheels!!

The Route, which like a number of these Sunday rides I have done have been very well organised & stewarded.......chapeau!

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