25 July 2008

Canterbury or bust

Nikki & I joined 20 of her colleagues on a charity ride from Finchley to Canterbury a distance of 80 miles, on the hottest day of the year!

All part of the training for the big ride, which, worryingly is only a week away. Why did I volunteer to do this? Why have I left the serious training too late? I should have started my diet sooner........ all these things have been playing on my mind, but I am still determined to do it & with my 2 companions I know we will

A brief water refill at Bexleyheath Police Station (20 miles)

A tea stop before Sittingborne (48 miles)

A desperate need for water in Canterbury (75 miles)

The final hill & my god did we go up some! (86 miles)

The ride was great fun.  The weather was the hottest day of the year which didn't help (I have a sunburnt nose).  The worst thing I found was dehydration. I drank in excess of 7 litres of fluid & then 5 pints of beer when we got to the pub & I still couldn't go to the loo.  For a good 15 miles I was desperately looking for a shop/petrol station or even an unattended hose pipe to refill my bottles.  We were all however in the same boat as you can see from the picture above at the petrol station.

My hill climbing is improving, again if you know the area I got up & over Shooters Hill in Blackheath, the monster climb out of Chatham, (New Road?) which was particularly bad.  The final soul destroying climb you can see in the last picture, I came round the bend & saw the long drag.  The words I thought of my mother wouldn't like!!

Facts & figures of the ride.

Average heart beat was 80% of my maximum.  Maximum heart beat was 104% of my maximum.  I burnt 5222 calories & spent 6hr 42min inside my zone which is between 65% to 85% of my maximum heart rate.  My maximum heart rate is 179 bpm

Our average speed was 11.8mph & my maximum was 36.7mph (don't tell Carol!)

I have now picked up my Giant from the repairers & have had a day off training today.  I shall do a few miles tomorrow & then on Sunday I am doing 55 miles cycling to Cambridge with my friend Gavin. (Nikki & Alan are now working until we leave).  I plan to do a couple of small 2 hour rides next week just to keep my body being used to cycling.  

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