26 June 2008

An uphill struggle

The training continues, I am doing a combination of spin classes & road riding on my bike. I picked up my front wheel from the shop & it now has the correct number of spokes!

I've only got 10 working days left now until the ride, I have 2 weeks off before hand & I week after (to recover?). So I am upping the intensity of everything, I am trying to do at least 2 hours a day cardio-vascular workout with more on my days off. I am even eating really carefully (apart from the ice--cream & pop-corn at the cinema last night) I am not touching alcohol until after I have finished & am living on hippie teas'. I've lost about half a stone in the past few weeks & am avoiding all the things that taste nice, why does all the decent food have to be so bad?

I have now booked up for 3 more weekend rides

6th July - 30 miles round Bromley

13th July - 56 miles London Bikeathon

27th July - 80 miles London to Canterbury

My bum, dear reader, you will be pleased to know is pain free!!

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