12 June 2008

A test as the countdown to the big one continues

This Sunday, Alan & I are having another major test of our fitness & endurance, we are participating in the Annual London to Brighton cycle ride (54 miles). To make it a little more interesting (?) we are cycling from mine to the start (12 miles) & then if (I think a big if!), our legs still function we are then cycling to my sisters (25 miles) & then finally getting a lift home from Carol. Nikki on the other hand has opted to work, she might have picked the best option. I will confirm this on Sunday when I've stopped crying & can sit down again

My training hasn't been too bad, been doing loads of spin classes in the gym & cycling to work. Had a little set back this weekend & went to Antwerp. Possibly ate too much Belgian chocolate & drank too much Belgian beer. Excellent weekend & the Belgians are keen cyclists.

Took this picture outside Ghent train station on a Sunday. Hate to see it when it's busy during the week!!

Just another general update, we now have all our hotels for the route booked & Alan is starting to actualy work out the fineries of the route (I hope he avoids as many hills as possible). The countdown continues

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