18 May 2008

St Albans 40 miler

Today was the first real test of our fitness & endurance & probably more important tolerance level to saddle soreness!! Nikki arranged for our us to complete a 40 mile ride organised (very well indeed) by the St Albans Rotary Club

A good fun? (not sure that's the right word!) day out. We were exceptionally lucky with the weather as well.

It was a popular event with somewhere in the region of 1500 people taking part. There were a number of rides that could be undertaken 10, 20, 30 & 40 miles

We were joined on the ride by Nikki's friend Sandra & from left to right above is Sandra, me, Nikki & Alan (who is doing the big one in August with us)

Nikki & Alan coming into the check point at 35 miles

Me coming into the check point at 20 miles (I look fantastic in Lycra still)

The finish!!! (Nikki, Me, Sandra & Alan). This is just before we treated ourselves to a burger from the local boy scouts & all wondered after eating it, if we would see it again!

This was the first big test, the ride was 40 miles & with cycling too & from we actually completed 48 miles. I burnt an amazing 3800 calories. The ride we covered in 3 hours & 40 mins, which equates to an average speed of 11.1 miles an hour. We will need to get this higher, but in saying that the road was quite congested & very hilly (I think I actully cycled up the north face of the Eiger!)

I would say that we all passed our first major test with flying colours, I now am going to sit in a dark room & cry as my legs hurt, I am then immediately selling the house & buying a bungalow!!

The route for your info

The day has been marred that by the unfortunate death, due to cancer, of a dear friend of mines mother. Eliza fought courageously & hard against lung cancer; she had half of one of her lungs removed some years ago & even in her last few breaths refused to give in. Makes the saddle soreness & painful legs worth it. Sadly another name added to the departed merit list

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