18 May 2008

St Albans 40 miler

Today was the first real test of our fitness & endurance & probably more important tolerance level to saddle soreness!! Nikki arranged for our us to complete a 40 mile ride organised (very well indeed) by the St Albans Rotary Club

A good fun? (not sure that's the right word!) day out. We were exceptionally lucky with the weather as well.

It was a popular event with somewhere in the region of 1500 people taking part. There were a number of rides that could be undertaken 10, 20, 30 & 40 miles

We were joined on the ride by Nikki's friend Sandra & from left to right above is Sandra, me, Nikki & Alan (who is doing the big one in August with us)

Nikki & Alan coming into the check point at 35 miles

Me coming into the check point at 20 miles (I look fantastic in Lycra still)

The finish!!! (Nikki, Me, Sandra & Alan). This is just before we treated ourselves to a burger from the local boy scouts & all wondered after eating it, if we would see it again!

This was the first big test, the ride was 40 miles & with cycling too & from we actually completed 48 miles. I burnt an amazing 3800 calories. The ride we covered in 3 hours & 40 mins, which equates to an average speed of 11.1 miles an hour. We will need to get this higher, but in saying that the road was quite congested & very hilly (I think I actully cycled up the north face of the Eiger!)

I would say that we all passed our first major test with flying colours, I now am going to sit in a dark room & cry as my legs hurt, I am then immediately selling the house & buying a bungalow!!

The route for your info

The day has been marred that by the unfortunate death, due to cancer, of a dear friend of mines mother. Eliza fought courageously & hard against lung cancer; she had half of one of her lungs removed some years ago & even in her last few breaths refused to give in. Makes the saddle soreness & painful legs worth it. Sadly another name added to the departed merit list

14 May 2008


We now actually appear to have a summer & I have been back on the bike cycling into work which has been very pleasant first thing in the morning, the streets of London are quiet (what other sane person would be up at 5am??)

I made comment on an early post to Ken Livingstone banning summer, could it be by chance that we now have sun with Boris as our Mayor??!!

On Sunday Nikki, Alan & I are doing a 40 mile ride in Hertfordshire, the first test of our fitness & endurance. You will see the photo evidence on Sunday & I am confident that I will be able to confirm that saddles are still uncomfortable!!