14 April 2008

The cold reality

I left home at 5am to cycle the 14 miles to work & as I was going in it was cold & miserable, a bloody lorry soaked me going through a puddle & it's fair to say I was not pleased!!

I was thinking to myself, I'm sure we used to have summers when I was young? It must be a new EU directive or Ken 'bloody' Livingstone banning sun light in case it offends someone, I seem to have missed reading the briefing note!

Anyone to stop rambling, I was bloody cold this morning, longing for some better weather & I was thinking about the ride & how many more miles I have to put in training, it's fair to say I was bloody miserable.

I get to work & read my emails & another of my friends has died of cancer, so yes being cold, miserable & wet is all worth it to try & raise a few pounds to help in the fight against cancer. It is also poignant that he was a retired DS so I've covered another of my base charities.

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