22 April 2008

Another test

Why do I keep volunteering for other charity events, you would think at my age that I should know better!!

I have signed up to cycle the London to Brighton this year with my team from work on the 15th June which should be fun (?)

I am raising money for Demelza House which is a hospice for Children in South London & have managed to to raise nearly £500 in 6 days!!

If you feel that you can help support this you can donate via my other website www.justgiving.com/mandalay

On other matters, I have been out on my new bike & the saddle is fantastic!! Which came as a surprise. Alan & I did about 17 miles in a hour & 10 mins which wasn't bad as we weren't racing round & should be able to maintain this type of pace over the Lands End to John O'Groats

Speak soon, off down the gym

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