23 April 2008

By Royal Appointment

Today was an interesting day at work, we had the Royal visit of Prince Charles & The Duchess of Cornwall. The weather could have been a bit kinder, but I still look fantastic in lycra!

As you can see from the pictures I met HRH & both him & Camila are really nice people. Now for a bit of fun at my expense, I think a caption competition is in order. All entries please to pc.clare@gmail.com & I will think of a suitable prize for amusing answers!!

"You don't really cycle, do you?"

"Have you eaten all the pies?"

"You need to get a stronger bike for him!"

"I will not ask my mother to knight you!"

22 April 2008

The countdown continues

I never realised there was so much to do in organising such an event. Carol is brushing up on her suturing skills for the lumps, bumps & boils that I feel fairly certain we will all have.

I've have now got the first bike rack for the roof of our 'team' , I still need to get 2 more, but the shop was out. As you can see the new bike fits on there well & Honda say you should be able to do 75mph with it on, I'll reserve judgement on that for the time being

Another test

Why do I keep volunteering for other charity events, you would think at my age that I should know better!!

I have signed up to cycle the London to Brighton this year with my team from work on the 15th June which should be fun (?)

I am raising money for Demelza House which is a hospice for Children in South London & have managed to to raise nearly £500 in 6 days!!

If you feel that you can help support this you can donate via my other website www.justgiving.com/mandalay

On other matters, I have been out on my new bike & the saddle is fantastic!! Which came as a surprise. Alan & I did about 17 miles in a hour & 10 mins which wasn't bad as we weren't racing round & should be able to maintain this type of pace over the Lands End to John O'Groats

Speak soon, off down the gym

14 April 2008

The cold reality

I left home at 5am to cycle the 14 miles to work & as I was going in it was cold & miserable, a bloody lorry soaked me going through a puddle & it's fair to say I was not pleased!!

I was thinking to myself, I'm sure we used to have summers when I was young? It must be a new EU directive or Ken 'bloody' Livingstone banning sun light in case it offends someone, I seem to have missed reading the briefing note!

Anyone to stop rambling, I was bloody cold this morning, longing for some better weather & I was thinking about the ride & how many more miles I have to put in training, it's fair to say I was bloody miserable.

I get to work & read my emails & another of my friends has died of cancer, so yes being cold, miserable & wet is all worth it to try & raise a few pounds to help in the fight against cancer. It is also poignant that he was a retired DS so I've covered another of my base charities.

13 April 2008

Meet one of the team

At 6 am this morning on my day off, why did I feel it necessary to get out of bed?? Well as the three of us that are doing this ride all work shifts, & needless to say not the same one, I drove to Nikki's house today & we went & did a couple of hours near where she lives. There is an old deserted railway line that has been converted to a footpath

We discovered one important thing today, I am no Richard Virenque or Michael Rasmussen & I will never win the polka dot jersey! I shall have to ask Carol AKA Soup Dragon to get both EPO & arrange some blood doping!!

Here is a picture of Nikki so you know who I am talking about. Next Sunday Alan is going us for another ride........ watch this space for more pictures!!

5 April 2008

An expensive trip up North

Carol & I have come away for 5 days to see her parents, who live just outside of York. I have even managed to keep going to the gym here as there is a David Lloyd's just outside Leeds. How virtuous do I feel!

We went to Tadcaster & there is a family owned cycle shop, that I had to have a quick look round & Carol for our wedding anniversary has brought me a new bike to do the ride on (& the London to Brighton) I have the best wife in the world, but don't let her know that!