13 February 2008

The long slog

It's hard to write & keep it interesting about the training, when it's a slow long slog. However I am definately feeling fitter, & the weight is slowly coming off. Been to the gym again this morning & it now takes me 1 hour & 20 mins to burn a 1000 calories.

I've been issued with my new cycling kit at work, so watch out central London as I shall soon be out crime fighting

Is is it a bird??, is it a plane?? No it's a bloke looking like La-La!!

I'll get a photo & post of me in my new shiny yellow coat & you make your own mind up!

On a serious note, I'm not sure what to do with my legs for the ride, shave or not? Contrary to popular belief professional cyclists shave theirs not for aerodynamics, but to help treat road-rash & also for the massage at the end of a race to help relieve lactic acid. Tell me what you think pc.clare@gmail.com

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