24 January 2008

The Grind Mill

Well I think I have finally flipped, it's may day off & I was in the gym at 6.30am this morning, can someone please call the nice men with the white coats & pass me a couple of pencils & my under trousers!

I am now seeing bicycles everywhere!

I will be entering the London to Brighton annual cycle ride in July. It's about 48 miles & you enter Brighton via an enormous hill, which I think is second only to the north face of the Eiger!! This should prove a useful bench mark to (a) aim to do in a decent time & (b) cycle home from (or at least to my sisters about 20 miles from Brighton) & (c) a real test of where I am with my fitness & also fatness!!

I've now finished my course & am back to work soon. As I work central London the area I cover is so small that I intend to patrol by pedal cycle

You will be pleased to know that the equipment has now changed!!

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