11 January 2008

Back on Track

Well 2008 has started well for me, I'm at Hendon on a course for nearly the whole month & I have started to lose the weight that I seem to put on this time of year!

I have been going to the gym nearly everyday & I can confirm that the saddle soreness has returned with a vengeance! but hopefully it will pass again soon. I've looked from a cure, but can't seem to find one!!

I have now drafted a sponsorship letter & will be writing to some companies to try & secure sponsorship for the ride. It will probably be optimistic to expect a bike to be donated, but you never know.

My riding partner Alan has just ordered a new bike & we plan to start going out in the next few weeks for some long distance road rides. It's all very well doing class down the gym, but they are a bit too sterile.

Thanks again for reading & have a Happy New Year

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