25 January 2008

The Holy Grail?

I was chatting to a friend of mine who is an avid cyclist about saddle soreness & he has suggested that the saddle I have been using is perhaps worthy of change

To this end I have treated myself to a new saddle which I am hoping is my holy grail. I was checking the wiggle.co.uk website & I saw this & had to have it! (I have duel nationality being both English & Irish)

I will certainly be able to spot my bike now if someone steals it!!

24 January 2008

The Grind Mill

Well I think I have finally flipped, it's may day off & I was in the gym at 6.30am this morning, can someone please call the nice men with the white coats & pass me a couple of pencils & my under trousers!

I am now seeing bicycles everywhere!

I will be entering the London to Brighton annual cycle ride in July. It's about 48 miles & you enter Brighton via an enormous hill, which I think is second only to the north face of the Eiger!! This should prove a useful bench mark to (a) aim to do in a decent time & (b) cycle home from (or at least to my sisters about 20 miles from Brighton) & (c) a real test of where I am with my fitness & also fatness!!

I've now finished my course & am back to work soon. As I work central London the area I cover is so small that I intend to patrol by pedal cycle

You will be pleased to know that the equipment has now changed!!

11 January 2008

Back on Track

Well 2008 has started well for me, I'm at Hendon on a course for nearly the whole month & I have started to lose the weight that I seem to put on this time of year!

I have been going to the gym nearly everyday & I can confirm that the saddle soreness has returned with a vengeance! but hopefully it will pass again soon. I've looked from a cure, but can't seem to find one!!

I have now drafted a sponsorship letter & will be writing to some companies to try & secure sponsorship for the ride. It will probably be optimistic to expect a bike to be donated, but you never know.

My riding partner Alan has just ordered a new bike & we plan to start going out in the next few weeks for some long distance road rides. It's all very well doing class down the gym, but they are a bit too sterile.

Thanks again for reading & have a Happy New Year