29 December 2007

2008 already?

Where does the time seem to go?? I can remember being at the meeting some 4 months ago & agreeing to cycle this. Now 4 months later I am about 5 pounds lighter & probably not much fitter. It's not become a race against time (yet!) but you can probably guess my new years resolution! This may give you a clue!!

Carol (loving wife & very lucky woman) has now taken on the role of Hans Blix (EU weapons inspector in Iraq) & there are now certain items in the Clare household that make the list of banned substances.

So to all my readers, I hope you had a good Christmas & have a Happy New Year & watch for my training updates in the new year.

8 December 2007

Back to the gym

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post & I now getting over a cold (proper man flu that an average person would die from!!). I've been to the gym a few times & the classes don't seem to get any easier!

The gym has now new bikes for spin classes which are about a millions times harder, but that's what I need to train

I plan to start cycling to work soon, but it's taking me longer than I expected to get used to doing 12 hour shifts (I can't stay awake on the train coming home, I woke up last week surrounded by school children covered in dribble. Just imagine the dog from Turner & Hooch!!)

There of course an upside to 12 hour shifts, I get either 4 or 5 days off every 4 or 5 days & I seem to be living at the gym!!

Oh another piece of news I am no longer the Secretary for the Emerald Society, but I will be announced as the new Treasurer from Monday.