11 November 2007

A near death experience

It was my first trip back to the gym after my holiday & I have done nothing for nearly 4 weeks. It's fair to say that doing the spin class today I was struggling. My pulse averaged at 97% of my maximum, but at least I finished. My body was screaming in pain!!

I've been home an hour & my legs are killing me & my back is aching!

It can only get better!!

Good news I start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

5 November 2007

Amy Winehouse

Well it's probably fair to say that by using Amy Winehouse as a header I am hoping to get more hits from people surfing the net, however I did wake up a few mornings feeling like she must every day! Great holiday, where I managed to put back on over half a stone in weight!

Great hotel as well, click on the link & check out the spa.


Well back down the gym & back on the bike. I am now officially famous, well probably a bit strong to say famous more infamous? I have had an interview published in Police Review last week regarding the ride & I now have 2 definate companions for the way.

I plan to sit down with them in the next few weeks & I will then arrange the accommodation etc. We will then go out on some training rides & there may well be some new pictures!