15 October 2007

A warning from Greenpeace

The training is going OK, I'm still concentrating on losing weight & am doing at least an hour in the gym everyday. My diet is improving & the weight is coming off. (Downfall I need to buy some new suits!)

I am doing about 4/5 spin classes a week at present, & my saddle soreness has now gone & I am really getting into this.

However, (why is there always a however??) I am off on holiday for a couple of weeks, so there will be no more training updates for a while. I want to continue the good work I have started when I am away & try to do a lot of swimming. I also want to dispel the nasty hurtful rumours that Greenpeace are heading for the Canaries!!

It's not big & it's not clever!!

I have received my first donation form a dear friend of mine who at the age of 48 has been diagnosed with cancer. He recently had 8 liters of fluid drained off his lungs & I was so touched that through all his treatment & pain he thought of me & my ride.

Certainly focuses the mind.

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