3 October 2007

Final update on Evans' cycles

Well it's only taken 2 months with 13 emails, 2 phone calls, my employer getting involved & a letter but today I have finally received my two elusive inner tubes. I think they were delivered by Lord Lucan riding Shergar & came via Atlantis!! It was so frustrating, despite repeated request for them to call me Evans' would only answer emails.

All I can say is that I am glad it wasn't anything complicated I was missing or heaven knows how many hours I would have wasted trying to resolve it!!

There will be no more specific posts regarding Evans' Cycles now, unless they want to sponsor the ride with equipment etc. & I have emailed them to ask them! They are however sending me some vouchers as a gesture of good will. I shall now concentrate this blog back to it's original theme.......the ride, my sore bum & white vans that cut me up!! However I am taking Carol (wife & very lucky woman) away for a romantic weekend, so no more training until Monday. I can almost hear other women's hearts breaking (See previous posts of me in Lycra & you know why!!) & wishing they were Carol, or are they crying tears of sympathy?

Oh yes, one last thing, I have found out that I off to Marylebone on the 12th November, so it's back to working when it's dark!!

Worst thing is I will have to leave traffic, which is a shame as I really enjoyed the job I was doing. Mind you I suppose now I'm not a rat anymore people might speak to me again!!!

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