1 October 2007

The dreaded saddle!!

Well not much has been happening training wise. I've been going to the gym nearly everyday & doing a minimum of an hours cardio workout. I've been on a course at Kent Police HQ, so I've not been on the bike, but that will change this week

I'm now concentrating more on my diet to help my weight loss. Apparently hamburgers are not good for you??

No update on Evans' Cycles, still missing the two inner-tubes. I think I read that there is localised trouble on the Island of Java (Next island over from Bali). The main stay of the economy is rubber. Could this be the problem with the inner-tubes or just sheer incompetence??

My only other news is that I have been told I am being posted to the City of Westminster on promotion. I should find out today, when & to what Police Station.

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