21 September 2007

Update on Evans Cycles

It's been a week now since I wrote to Evans' Cycles regarding my missing equipment & general awful service.

I received an email saying that the store was out of stock of inner tubes & how they pride themselves on customer service (Please, my sides are splitting here!). This is from a nationwide company who has a mail order section & online ordering. So it would appear there is a world wide shortage of rubber??

A shortage of Lycra I can understand!!

Perhaps they will blame El Nino or the political election crises that is currently consuming Belgium (see I keep up to date with European news!) You would think that 2 inner tubes would be posted from their central stores? or even, heaven forbid ,another shop?

When I retire I might apply to work for Evans', I have a feeling I could make it more efficient & certainly more effective.

Another classic example of the cavalier attitude they have for customer care!

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