5 August 2007

By Popular Demand

I've been training quite hard now & my saddle soreness is still there. On reading other websites it will eventually go.

By Popular demand I have added a picture of myself taken when I was cycling into work. I have donned my luck wig & Viking Helmet!

God I look good!

I had my first puncture today going into work. Not a problem I bought a new bike a few months ago & I purchased some extra inner tubes. Guess what, they didn't fit the wheel. I am seriously unimpressed with Evans Cycles (there is a long list of problems with my bike & Evans, which I will bore you with some other time).

The bike I brought was a Cannondale Bad Boy, & is the first bike I have had with disc brakes front & rear. The saddle I think is made out of stinging nettles & rusty barbed wire!


Jabadaw said...


I bought a bike from Evans a few years ago and they 'pride' themselves as having staff who also cycle and will give you good advice, etc. Well I think that's a load of Bow Locks!

I bought a touring bike that was too big for me. I should really have had a frame size down. But absolutely no input from the member of staff who sold it to me even though I explained that I was about to embark on a touring holiday in a few weeks time. This was despite the fact that he saw me cycle of around the block and looked at me astride the bike to gauge it's fit.

However when out cycling on my tour I realised that I was too stretched out on the frame and could barely dismount and just clear the frame when astride of it.

He had to put the pedals on and placed the toe clips on the wrong way round so that they rubbed against the pedal cranks and scoured a mark in them either side! I realised this after a few days and swopped them around.

This wasn't a young inexperienced person either but a chap in his mid 30's!

In future I would go to an independent shop where you are more likely to get better advice.

Never Evans again!

Phil said...

My problems are similar. We used Evans for the ride to work scheme & I brought the bike (see picture). I also brought some accessories & it came to over £1000.

I paid with the voucher & waited & waited for the bike. Each time I rang I was told that they were waiting for a bracket to fit the rear pannier holder on. They said that they would ring me when it was ready.

After another month or so I rang them & they said that it had been ready for weeks!

I picked it up & half the equipment was not on the bike, so I had another hour waiting in the shop.

The first time I rode it I got to Lewisham & it didn't feel right. They back wheel felt strange. I put more air into it. By the time I got to the City it was like riding a clowns bike. I pushed it the last few miles to work.

I got one of the collision investigators to examine it & a large proportion of the rear spokes were loose, which meant the hub was moving freely within the sphere of the spokes. It could have lead to a catastrophic failure (with me on it)

The final straw came when I was riding to work & got a puncture, the inner-tubes they sold me did not fit the hole in the wheel.

I spoke to there customer service department. They were apologetic & arranged for a free service today.

I went to the shop & after dealing with possibly the most incompetent sales assistant ever I left the store with my bike.

I don't think I would trust them to service it