29 August 2007

More time off than I expected

Well the excitement of being promoted has now worn off & I will soon be back training from this Saturday!! I've had nearly two weeks of eating & drinking all the wrong stuff in celebration, but I have to get my training back on schedule.

I'm at Wood Green Crown Court (above) all this week with a long complicated case death by dangerous driving & I have to keep my wits about me as officer in the case.

I have also registered Carol (my wife) & I for the hovis wheel round London day on the 23rd September. I haven't told Carol that we are cycling to central London. I'll contact the LAS to have an ambulance on standby for her!!

18 August 2007

A few days off

I've taken a few days off training for 2 reasons. My saddle soreness is still there, but after a chat with my wife & some nappy rash cream it's getting better. I should point out that she is a nurse.

The other reason is my head has been sore. I discovered yesterday that I am going to be promoted to an Inspector at work, hence why my head hurts this morning!!

Back on the bike from tomorrow. I am determined to be below 19 stone by next weekend!

13 August 2007

Keiser/Spin Classes

I have had a few emails asking what a keiser or spin class is. It's a static exercise class in the gym on a fixed bike to music. The classes last between 30 & 45 mins & I burn, according to my pulse monitor, somewhere in the region of 750 calories in 45 mins.

The funnest thing ever was watching Carol (Long suffering wife to new readers AKA Soup Dragon) doing a class. She is the only person I know that has flared cycle shorts!

5 August 2007

By Popular Demand

I've been training quite hard now & my saddle soreness is still there. On reading other websites it will eventually go.

By Popular demand I have added a picture of myself taken when I was cycling into work. I have donned my luck wig & Viking Helmet!

God I look good!

I had my first puncture today going into work. Not a problem I bought a new bike a few months ago & I purchased some extra inner tubes. Guess what, they didn't fit the wheel. I am seriously unimpressed with Evans Cycles (there is a long list of problems with my bike & Evans, which I will bore you with some other time).

The bike I brought was a Cannondale Bad Boy, & is the first bike I have had with disc brakes front & rear. The saddle I think is made out of stinging nettles & rusty barbed wire!

1 August 2007

The training

I seem to remember that bicycles were more comfortable when I was younger & cycle shorts don't seem to help either!!

I've been out for quite a few training rides & have also done a fair amount of 'spin' classes down the gym (Yes I do belong to one!). Apart from obvious places; I ache like mad. My right knee is particularly sore, however it's not stopping me; slowing me perhaps but not stopping me. The only up side is I am sleeping a lot better.

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