27 July 2007

The start

Well here I am 40 & fat or should that read fat & 40? Either way I am the same percentage of fat as a pork scratching & I have decided that I need to do something about it before I go to an early grave. Being 20 stone is no fun, especially when you can't get clothes to fit you in high street shops.

This blog is going to tell how I am preparing to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats in July 2008 for charity. I have chosen 5 charities which are:

Care of Police Survivors (www.ukcops.org/)

RUC Widows & Orphans (www.rucbenevolentfund.org)

Garda Siochana Widows & Orphans

Breast Cancer (www.breastcancercampaign.org)

Prostate Cancer (www.prostate-cancer.org.uk)

The 5 chosen charities were easy. You can probably tell my profession from the first 3!!. I am currently a Senior Investigating Officer with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), where I investigate fatal road traffic collisions. I am also the secretary of the MPS Emerald Society (www.mpsemeralds.org.uk) which is a staff association for officers & police staff of Irish decent. Hence why I feel it is important to include the PSNI & Garda.

I am also keen to help the charities that support widows & orphans. I have lost friends & colleagues in recent years at work; Pc Tony Haines was killed in March 2001 in a collision & more recently Pc Chris Jefford died of a brain tumor in December 2005. Both very sadly missed

Cancer is a disease that will effect everyone in someway throughout their lives. My mother had breast cancer 4 years ago & thankfully she was cured. In the past 3 weeks I have seen 2 of my friends buried for prostate cancer.

Over the next few weeks I will try to get some corporate sponsorship for the ride (Bike, Helmet, clothing etc), start a training programme & start training!!

Did you know that you can get a cheap bike to ride to work on via a Government Scheme called ride to work?

I would also like to dispel rumors early I have not tested positive for dope, I must be a dope for agreeing to doing थिस however, there is good chance I could test positive for marmite which will really impress my wife as she hates the stuff!!


Dave H said...

Good luck-how long do you think it will take?

Phil said...

Well the record is 41 hours, I think about 8 to 10 days!

Chris Gunn said...

Good luck, that is a long way especially if you have to come back each day for lunch !let me have a sponsorship form i can take around the office and sites.

Phil said...

Thanks Chris

Not joining me then!!

pipsqueak07 said...

Notice you are wobbling the short route down the west coast - hope you are taking an inflatable with you. Anyway what is wrong with the East of England?
Did you realise that 20 stone on a saddle creates an applied pressure of nearly 1700lbs per square foot -when you design the floor of a house you only allow 40lbs per sq foot!

Phil said...

Thanks for the info, I'll stay on the settee to save the floor!

Dave H said...

How many miles is it?

If Nicholas has taken his stabilisers off his bike by then
perhaps he can join you!!

Let us have a sponsorship form.

Phil said...

It's a bit of a grey area, somewhere between 850 & 1000 miles depending on the route

nappies said...

Good Luck, i havnt got the bottle to do it!!
Will you be having a car following you like in the tour-de-france and give you food and water!!

Phil said...

Nappies only if you are offering!!

Carol is following me in the car to offer helpful hints & advice

"That hill looks steep"

"That must be hard work"

Could be the end of a beautiful marriage!!